Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes – Great For Adults and Kids

Michael Jackson Halloween costumes are going to be extremely popular this October. Inspired by the tragic loss of one of pop music’s biggest legends, you are sure to see plenty of MJ’s of all shapes and sizes paying tribute to their hero as they moonwalk the streets and show off their moves on house party dance floors.

The King of Pop has made a permanent impression on all of pop culture with his trade mark glittering glove, red leather jacket, black fedora hat, and long black hair. Michael Jackson is such an iconic figure with so many recognizable features, that creating a Halloween costume in his image presents many different variations.

The “Billie Jean” look is quite simple and requires black pants, black shirt and jacket, black shoes, and of course the famous jeweled glove, which you can either make yourself or purchase from most costume stores. This look can be dressed up with a black wig, aviator sunglasses, and a black fedora.

The “Thriller” look is one of the most recognizable MJ looks. Thrill your friends by wearing a red leather jacket, white t-shirt, black or red pants, and black shoes. Again, dress up this looks with a long black wig.

Another thing to keep in mind when putting your costume together is what you will wear that will make you stand out in case another Michale Jackson shows up to the same party. You might want to consider buying a professionally made costume online, which will undoubtedly blow away any homemade MJ costumes. Also, make sure you practice some of Michael’s signature dance moves, as there are sure to be countless dance battles across the world this Halloween!